WordPress themes are basically templates, a collection of files that define the basic function and look of your site. Look at it as a costume that you put in on a body. It makes it look a lot better, providing your own distinct style or fashion.

Do you know what makes WordPress a great platform for your blog and website?… Because even if you have no website coding know-how, you can easily make striking changes in your website’s look. And most themes come in with a range of customization options and built-in features to help you create amazing stuff. So, if you’re not happy with how the existing content are laid out on pages, you can make the change to what suits you, including the arty background, fonts and colors.

There are two kinds of theme available, Free Themes and Premium (paid) themes.

From your WordPress Dashboard, you can browse and install free themes. All the themes appearing in the WordPress Free Theme Directory have all been tested, scrutinized and approved for listing. This gives you the assurance that the theme you will choose and use has met the required guidelines and quality control standards of WordPress. And WordPress has a lot,.. Way lots of free themes offered to everyone. They are the best place to start in learning the skill that is needed to create and customize your own theme, all the standard features that you expect are there to make your learning process a breeze. There are literally thousands of professionally designed free themes which are all set and good to go.  However, WordPress themes, out-of-the-box does look pretty much simple, basic to the point of being boring.  But that’s the way it was meant to be… unsophisticated.

Now, here’s the downside of free themes, they are not unique, chances are what you have right now has been downloaded a hundred times. Some other disadvantage of a free theme is that they are often not well coded, they only have very limited features, seldom updated and lacks customer support.

As for the premium themes, it comes usually with a fixed cost, but just imagine the time you will save as it offers a number of things like additional tools and regular updates, easier customization, with a very good support, and a much higher quality, making your work uncomplicated.

Now, let’s say that you have chosen a theme, but you find it, well, still half naked and you want to dress it up a bit more.  In order to make some modification, you will require some basic knowledge of WordPress coding, like HTML, CSS and PHP. But once you get the handle of these basics, there’s a lot of wonderful things you can achieve.

So, when making a choice on the kind of theme, always consider the kind of look and feel that you want your visitors to perceive. Remember, free themes are for bloggers, premium themes are for popular blogs!