WordPress themes are basically templates, a collection of files that define the basic function and look of your site. Look at it as a costume that you put in on a body. It makes it look a lot better, providing your own distinct style or fashion. Do you know what makes WordPress a great..

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Why Use WordPress for Web Development?

If you are a web designer and you want to deliver to your client a web site that is practical, eye-catching and simple sans the voluminous codes involved, consider using WordPress. Today, WordPress is no longer just a blog software, it has become an extremely adaptable brute of a content management system with literally loads..

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WordPress.com or WordPress.org – Telling Them Apart

When you started using WordPress, have you ever wondered about the distinction between WordPress.org and WordPress.com? This has been a point of confusion for many and deciding which one to use becomes a catch. Let’s start with the basic and try to simplify the difference. WordPress is a software, a PHP – MySQL based application..

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