Installing TestCafe on a Linux Apache Server

Follow these steps: 1. Download TestCafe’s Installation package (gzip format) from DevExpress. They are offering a free 30 day trial period which includes full access to their dedicated support desk. – Extract gzip and recompress it as zip file – Because some server extracts gzip as a whole document which is a wrong output and not as a..

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Art Bulgaria Beta

Art Bulgaria Beta Announcement

Finally, it’s here! TopRank is proud to announce the beta release of Art Bulgaria. This newly designed website commissioned to us will introduce an exciting feature that will provide a powerful way to advertise and market Bulgarian arts. A marketplace where sellers are allowed to create an online shop for free and for buyers to..

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  WordPress themes are basically templates, a collection of files that define the basic function and look of your site. Look at it as a costume that you put in on a body. It makes it look a lot better, providing your own distinct style or fashion. Do you know what makes WordPress a great..

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Why Use WordPress for Web Development?

If you are a web designer and you want to deliver to your client a web site that is practical, eye-catching and simple sans the voluminous codes involved, consider using WordPress. Today, WordPress is no longer just a blog software, it has become an extremely adaptable brute of a content management system with literally loads..

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Corona SDK Business apps

Creating business apps with Corona Labs SDK

In today’s world where almost everyone owns a smart phone, businesses must take marketing strategies to a whole new level. Need a bigger customer base? – Mobile apps. Need better exposure for your products? – Mobile apps.  Want to increase your sales? – Mobile apps! These are just a few among the array of benefits..

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When you started using WordPress, have you ever wondered about the distinction between and This has been a point of confusion for many and deciding which one to use becomes a catch. Let’s start with the basic and try to simplify the difference. WordPress is a software, a PHP – MySQL based application..

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Creating tests with TestCafe

Creating Tests with TestCafe

Creating a new Fixture After installing TestCafe into your server or local machine, you can start doing simultaneous tests by creating a new “Fixture”. In the TestaCafe Control Panel, click “New Fixture” button which will open a pop up form where you could specify fixture name and the target web page. When done filling up..

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SEO practice using robots.txt

Robots.txt Best Practices for SEO

Website owners have a lot more control over the way search engines look at their site than they may realize. Left to their own devices, search engines – or, rather, their robots – crawl the web looking into every nook and cranny they can find. When a search engine’s robot arrives on your site, it..

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