In today’s world where almost everyone owns a smart phone, businesses must take marketing strategies to a whole new level. Need a bigger customer base? – Mobile apps. Need better exposure for your products? – Mobile apps.  Want to increase your sales? – Mobile apps! These are just a few among the array of benefits you can get when you create mobile apps for your businesses.

Do I have your attention now? Great! Let’s get started. There are a lot of tools available out there that you can use to create that mobile app that will boost your business, but I’d like to tell you about this certain tool you can use, Corona Lab’s SDK. With this tool, you can easily develop apps and deploy them to stores where your target market can download them off.

You can write your app in a single code base, then publish them to iOS, Android and all the other major platforms. Development is done in LUA, a lightweight and easy-to-learn scripting language. Another thing worth noting about this tool, is that it allows users to see the changes they make quickly on the simulator, which means quick testing, quick fixes and most importantly, quick releases. The tool also features a huge array of APIs at your disposal; from ads, database support to social media integration, all these are accessible with just a few lines of code.

Last, but certainly not least, you can start developing apps with just the free version! With the free version, you can start the journey of mobilizing your business! And once you’re ready and in need of better, and more functionality, you can upgrade to the paid versions.


When you’re ready to start developing with Corona, just go ahead and download the SDK from their website –, it also has a community of developers you can interact with, which are more than willing to help you if you ever come across problems in your journey!