Art Supplies Spot


Art Supply Store.

The Art Supplies Spot website takes the website stars status to a new level. This is WordPress in all its glory.
First, the header is simple, but effective. The graphic splotch replacing the “o” in “Spot” is artful, tasteful, and simple. What more could you ask for?
Below the header is the two-layered navigational menu. Rather, you could say it’s two navigational menus that draw attention to the elements they should draw attention to. The main menu is a drop-down menu based on keywords that are important to the website, meaning the site is search engine optimized very effectively. The second menu is helpful without being distracting and offers a terms of service, privacy statement, contact and checkout links – all the links that are ancillary but important.
Below that, the shopping cart items are displayed prominently. These feature products that are helpful to the target audience and that provide great search engine fodder for SEO purposes. Plus, it’s an elegant, simple design.
Another plus to this WordPress website is that it shows how you can incorporate forums into your navigational element and make it a part of the site itself without compromising on SEO, the CMS, or the site structure.

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