Dr. Sanjay Khedia MD.


Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician in Covina CA.

One of our website stars is Dr. Sanjay Khedia, MD. Dr. Khedia came to us wanting a WordPress website that was fully search engine optimized to reach a clientele that is important to his practice – people he knew he could help in delivering quality medical services. We were able to help him out.
The website features a prominent image slider topped by a tabbed navigational element. At the bottom of the slider is a separate navigation menu demonstrating the images in the slider gallery.
Six pages of content ensure that Dr. Khedia’s website is optimized for search traffic around important medical practice terms, and he gets the added benefit of being optimized for local search traffic. That’s important for a local business such as a doctor’s office.
Dr. Khedia’s contact information is featured prominently on all of his pages. Images serve to enhance the content without detracting from its purpose. Furthermore, Dr. Khedia’s Facebook page is easily accessible and there is a newsletter opt-in form on the first page to encourage clientele to subscribe to the doctor’s medical tips while awaiting their next regular checkup or office visit.
This website is easy to navigate, attractive, and well-written. The About Us page features the doctor’s helpful staff and it presents an air of friendliness you’d expect from a physician’s office.

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