History, geography, and cultural.

MySozopol is another website star created by our team. If you’ve ever been to St. Tropez, then you know what an incredible experience it is. Sozopol is billed as the St. Tropez of Bulgaria, and judging from what we’ve seen – that’s precisely what it is.
We started this project wanting to capture the essence of Sozopol. The first thing you see when you land on the site is the highly visual image slider at the top of the page. These images are designed to appeal to travelers’ imaginations and sense of wonder. And that’s what they do.
Below the header is the content – highly optimized website content that sells the history, geography, and the cultural benefits of a vacation in Sozopol.
This WordPress website is very streamlined. Besides the content-heavy home page, there is a pictures page, which gives travelers a visual look at a vacation hotspot. The images themselves are optimized and sell the vacation. Then there’s a “Things to Do” page that gives travelers a great list of activities to engage in on their visit to Sozopol. The content is optimized for search and sells the benefits of the vacation package. That’s precisely what you want in a travel website.

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