Phone Icons Store


Digital products store.

Phone Icons Store is another WordPress e-commerce website that is a rising star. The design is still simple, but there is more going on here than with the Organic Superfoods Store.
Right away, you’ll notice the slider element just below the header and main navigation menu. It doesn’t fill the entire page because it doesn’t need to, but it’s still eye-catching and attracts the attention that it deserves. On the right side of the page are three clickable images that lead to internal website pages.
Phone Icons Store is a digital products store, which is somewhat different than a physical products store. The end goal is the same, the product delivery is different.
This WordPress site is highly optimized and allows the site visitor to navigate easily with eye-catching icons that put the emphasis where it deserves – user-friendly content. The main navigation menu is streamlined to the point that the main content part of the site (Articles) is noticeable, clickable, and prominent. And it provides enough valuable content for site visitors while maintaining a healthy search engine optimization posture.
There are also contact, checkout and privacy pages for more user-friendliness.
Below the fold are two more product links that sell specific items related to the main content. Then the footer. The footer features articles from the Articles section and notifies the site visitor that specific credit cards are acceptable for purchasing the digital items.
This is one of the most effective and attractive WordPress sites we’ve designed.

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