Restaurants In Tampa Florida


Restaurants in Tampa Florida.

Restaurants In Tampa Florida is a directory-style WordPress website with easy navigability and a simple format. The header is attractive and well-designed, plus the top navigation menu is simple and provides a touch of SEO value as well.
The real meat of this WordPress design is down below the header. The “Submit a New Listing” button makes it easy for site visitors to join and make their Tampa restaurant visible to the search engines and to people looking for a restaurant in the Tampa area. The top navigation menu offers a Login link for registered users and a New User link for new restaurant owners.
The beauty of Restaurants in Tampa Florida is that it is optimized for local traffic. All the categories play on the keyword “restaurant” while the entire site is optimized for the geographical area of Tampa, Florida.
The Featured Listings section is a great way to highlight specific site members while adding more search engine optimization benefit to the site as a whole.
Recent Listings at the bottom gives you the ability to showcase new members as well. Again, the site gets more SEO value from these listings on the home page and from each individual restaurant listing.
The individual directory listings provide enough detail in the content descriptions to make them valuable to site visitors and search engines alike. Users can vote using a clickable 5-star voting system prominently displayed at the top of each listing, which also includes a photo image the site user can upload. Users can also link to their websites, include a phone number and hours of operation, and restaurant searchers can see a Google Map showing where the restaurant is located within the Tampa area.
Users can search for restaurant by category or by the search box.

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