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Another website star is Today’s Startups. Designed like a traditional blog, they review new Web startups. Every day they take a look at a new online business startup and provide good overviews of the businesses.
With this WordPress blog, simplicity is key. We focused on search engine optimization and standard streamlined aesthetics.
Along the top, above the header, is a menu of pages. “Home” is the face of the blog, the place where you can read the daily posts about the Web startups the blogger discusses. Then you can read about Today’s Startups on the About page. There is also a page for advertisers, a contact page, the privacy page, and a place for readers to let the blogger know about new startups that can be reviewed.
The main navigation menu, however, is below the header. Click on one of the keywords in the menu and you can read all the blog posts in that category. Simple.
The RSS subscribe button and Facebook follow button are easy to find, just above the sidebar.
Speaking of sidebar, it’s also simple. You can check out the recent articles published on the blog and go back in time with the month-by-month archives. In the footer is a streamlined menu of pages and a paragraph about the blog along with a search box so you can search the blog for a particular startup or startups that target a specific niche.
If you want a simple blog design that makes blogging easy, Today’s Startups is a good example of one.

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