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No matter how pretty your website is, nobody will see it unless you have excellent written content to go along with your site. It’s the written content that places you on search engines – not your picturesque images! Therefore, not only should your website’s design and visuals stand out – so should the articles and captions that go along with it. Working in perfect complement with our search engine optimization techniques, our content writing services take a unique approach to creating material for your website. We understand that web writing is different from traditional print media, which is why we take great steps to use this to your advantage, such as maximizing keywords and other properties that characterize your business. By doing this, we make it easy for search engines to pick you up, place you on their pages, and help drive traffic to your website. We build content by approaching them from different angles in order to create articles and stories that are fun and easy to read, making your users linger around your website even more. We make sure that once your users log on to your website, reading the written content will be a breeze.

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Basic Presence

10 Keywords
  • 4 articles per month(150-450 Word articles)
  • 9 Social Media posts per week (3 tips, 3 pictures, 3 links)
  • 4 blog/forum posting per month
  • RSS pings
  • Social bookmarking
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Active Presence

15-20 Keywords
  • 12 articles per month (500-1000 Word articles)
  • 21 Social Media posts per week (7 tips, 7 pictures, 7 links)
  • 10 per month blog/forum posting
  • RSS pings
  • Social bookmarking
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