If you are a web designer and you want to deliver to your client a web site that is practical, eye-catching and simple sans the voluminous codes involved, consider using WordPress. Today, WordPress is no longer just a blog software, it has become an extremely adaptable brute of a content management system with literally loads and loads of features. It has become a rough draft for building websites. Do you know that of the worlds’ top million sites, around 15% is developed in WordPress. That’s awesome, right?

There are practical reasons why a web designer should take stock of using this user based application. To download and set up WordPress is like a walk in the park, best of all is that it’s free, including most of the themes, plug-ins and widgets available. You can design any website from a fraction of the cost of making one from scratch.  WordPress is inexpensive.

There are thousands of active WordPress developers globally who is relentlessly burning candles to create better products. Almost every day new plug-ins, widgets and themes are made giving you endless design possibilities for your site. You can access information from any WordPress-themed forum on the web to help you.  WordPress is a support community.

In terms of versatility, your only limit is your creativity because WordPress is a limitless source of pre-designed theme options that you can choose from to let you achieve the design you want for the site. With the over 26,000 plug-ins and widgets, it can allow you to embed Facebook, Tweeter streams, PayPal buttons and even videos, making your site multi-faceted and powerful. Since it’s an open-source format, WordPress developers are able to customize or re-program WordPress to meet the requirements of its user. And if you’re not impress with the themes available and you have skills in CSS/PHP, HTML, you can create your own theme from scratch if you wish to.  WordPress is flexible

Now, if you have a business, you want to be noticed out there on the web, well, who does not? And the best way is to put your client in the numero uno search engine… Google, the mother of all search engines!  And who else can save you time and effort? … Right! WordPress. Its’ got everything that can boost up site analytics, which no other CMS can give. And it is very social media-friendly, where you can easily share whatever you wish on Facebook and Tweeter, which is cool.  WordPress is SEO ready.

You may encounter clients who want freedom in doing things their way, managing their site from editing images to twiddling with codes. That’s not going to be a problem between you and your client. If they can work on Microsoft Word, they will be at home with WordPress with its instinctive dashboard layout. They don’t have to be an expert. And you as a developer can have more time finding more clients rather than coding all night. WordPress is easy to use.

In short, WordPress is very practical, has huge cache, is super secure, with fast and simple hosting service, and endless possibilities.

From a web developer, you have come to be a technical consultant to your clients, to offer expert advice and technical expertise. Go ahead, impress your clients!