When you started using WordPress, have you ever wondered about the distinction between WordPress.org and WordPress.com? This has been a point of confusion for many and deciding which one to use becomes a catch.

Let’s start with the basic and try to simplify the difference. WordPress is a software, a PHP – MySQL based application for content management system and a blogging engine. An open source downloadable stack of codes. The two most popular kinds are WordPress.org which develops and distribute the software, it is like a software and information storehouse. The other one is WordPress .com that is basically a web hosting service provider where you can create a WordPress website for free.

To have a better grasp on their difference is to understand what WordPress.com is. WordPress .com runs WordPress software with limitations and certain benefits. You have a limited control when you run your site. The best part though, is that you do not have to worry about installing any WordPress web application as the whole framework is managed by WordPress.com. The downside here is you can only run themes or add-ons that are offered by WordPress. To use your preferred domain name, you will have to pay for an upgrade fee. If you are planning for a personal or blogging site to share your ideas, your thoughts and connect with others and if paying for some upgrading services is not an issue for you, then WordPress.com is a good choice.

Now, if you are a serious blogger and want to maximize the use of themes and plug-ins, WordPress.org is for you. You can modify the functionality and designs of your site supported by forums and loads of information. With WordPress.org, there’s no limit to your creativity. You can use any theme you like to include plug-ins with no restrictions, you do not even have to pay to remove any third-party ads. It enables you to have the best framework and plugins to help you meet your needs and bring your site to the top. So, if you’re planning to operate a professional site, say for a business, WordPress.org is your ideal choice, it will give you total control over your hosting and other activities.  But this comes with a price… the web hosting is not free. The cost may run from $15 to a thousand of dollars per month depending on how big the site is and the number of plug-ins used.

If you are deciding which one is better, making cost as your main deciding factor may not be a good idea. Because at some point, whether it’s WordPress.com or WordPress.org you choose, you are somehow going to pay for something.  You have to remember that this is your site, this is what will represent you in the internet world.